Why It was Worth It to Buy a Portable Air Conditioner

airconditionerlabIf it is summer and you just can’t stand the heat, you might want to consider getting a portable air conditioner. PAC’s or spot cooler as some people call it have been in the mark for quite some time now. But as of late, their popularity really went up because of their flexibility, energy efficiency and convenience. And if those are not enough reasons to get one, here are more.

They are cheap – with everything else considered, portable air conditioners are much cheaper and more affordable than the conventional window type air conditioners. Of course, in comparison, higher end portable air conditioners will cost more than cheaper window type air conditioners units.

Little to no installation needed – you don’t need the help of an expert technician or even as much as sweat when setting up portable air conditioners. You just need to look for an exit for the exhaust and then you are done, turn it on and enjoy cool air.

As it says on the box, its Portable and Convenient – all thanks to its built in canisters, you can move your air conditioner from room to room or wherever you need some cool air. Majority of the units out there are very lightweight and so easy to carry.

It is Green and Energy efficient – in comparison to a centralized air conditioner setup that cools the whole house, a portable air conditioner is so much more energy efficient. Because a portable air conditioner is obviously much smaller and will sustain a much lower cost as per operating it. and since it is portable, you can use your portable air conditioner to concentrate on specific areas that needs cooling which is truly efficient.

There are also Bonus Features – this devices works double time, not only it cools an area but it also dehumidifies the air. If you are someone that regularly suffers allergies, it is very crucial to keep humidity in your room very low – because with high humidity in the area, it promotes the development of allergens in the air in forms of mold and dust mites. Some specialty portable air conditioners come with a feature specifically to “dehumidify only”. That feature will only remove moisture from the air but not cooling it. also other portable air conditioners have built in, heavy duty and high efficiency air filters to filter the air and some even have heaters built in as well. This gives the machine good functionality and usability all year, no matter what the weather is.

For example, the Soleus Air PA1-12R-32 is a good sample that I can work as a portable air conditioner, a heater, a humidifier, an air purifier or just  a simple fan.

There are lots of different portable air conditioners out there that you can choose from. One thing to consider is your budget, the place where you live, what exactly are you going to use it for; is it just for cooling, heating, dehumidifying, air cleaning, just 2 features or all of the above. You can always coordinate with your local store and their experts to get the best advice on what unit to purchase.

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