Walking Around Campus — Your Shoes Matter!

bestwalkingfeetHaving a good pair of shoes in college can’t cause anything but good for you as a student because it is one of those things that you will probably have to use every single day for a different bunch of tasks like if you are bored and want to jog a bit, walking around campus for no reason or if you are coming from one class to another and had to walk to the next building that is a bit far, and with any regular pair of shoes it can be difficult. And in worst case scenarios it could be painful. So again, having a good pair of shoes for daily use is a good thing.

So here are some good shoes out there that you might want to consider.

New Balance 860 is best for fast walking around campus. Because this shoe has a super flexible toe, that feature is what makes it easy to walk on and pick up the pace. But with its ankle padding, it will keep your foot snugly in place no matter how fast you walk or even run. Also with its mesh upper lined to make sure you have protection against the cold wind. New Balance 940v2 is also a good shoe for walking.

Brooks Trance 10 is recommended for runners who train running intervals. If you are a walker and want to add some bursts of sprints in your exercise then this is the shoe for you. It is specifically designed for high intensity impacts on the shoe but despite that, it is still flexible for casual rolling motion of walking around the campus. Lots of users of this shoe are saying that it is comfortable at any pace or speed. It has a price tag of $140

Ahnu Rockridge II is one shoe made for those walker slash hiker types. This lightweight hiking shoes perform as good as those bulkier high top versions in the market today. User say that they are much more flexible and comfortable. The sole, which are rugged, easily grips on most terrain as you go up and down the hills. But yet again it is bendable enough that you can fluidly stride through on smooth, level terrain. Additionally, the steel toe boots will protect you from stuff that will fall on your foot like rocks, bumps and even roots off trees while trekking.

Saucony Bullet also dubbed as the errand shoe that are stylish and at the same time, lightweight. It has enough arch on its sole to keep you comfortable through and through even if you are on the run most of the time. User say these are great day for shopping or for just about anything you will do on a daily basis. These are priced for only $60 and is worth every penny.

Rebook DMX Max ReeDirect are recommended for overweight walkers because the air pockets on the sole area of this shoe will reduce ground impact between your foot and the ground and will reduce the risk of any injury. Don’t worry, even if you are slimmer, you will still enjoy using these shoes and its extra support and cushioning that works wonders during long walks. Priced at $70.

There are a lot of great and comfortable footwear in the market.

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