My Favorite Sewing Machines (and I love to quilt!)

inevitablefear sosewsiteIf you love quilting very much and you can consider it as your passion for a very long time now, you will probably have a lot of people coming at you asking for advise for what would be the best materials, tools and machines to use. As far as sewing machines are concerned, that are used for quilting, there is not just one answer to that question. Because what is best for other people who are into quilting will probably might not be the best for your own taste and style.

What features do you think are required to tag a machine as a great sewing machine for quilting? Here are some information you might want to consider:

One of the best sewing machines out there, most think, must have a knee lift. Usually the brand that is highly considered has been Bernina, but other brands also offer different handy features. A knee lift will allow you to raise the presser foot mechanism by just simply raising your knee against a lever, keeping your hands on the material that you are working on. I have seen experts use this type of machine and just by watching it and doing it yourself for a period of time, even if you are not a seasoned seamstress, you will start to become accustomed to it.

These are the qualities of a good sewing machine that you can use for quilting.

  • It must have the ability to sew a precise seam allowance, this can be done with a special presser foot as an easy guide or by adjusting the position of the foot itself.
  • The machine must have a feature where you can regulate the speed. This allows you to work on the pace best suited for your project. You should have the option of going slow if you are doing super detailed work and can go much faster if accuracy is not a problem.
  • A “free arm” machine that must include an extension table. That fits exactly and flush with the arm to create a much spacious sewing surface.
  • Must have an easy to use bobbin winder.
  • Any good sewing machine must have a reliable and hassle free tension settings, this makes it easy to switch among sewing settings of the machine. From quilting, appliqué and to all sorts of different types of tasks.
  • A machine that is easily compatible with a walking foot and a free motion quilting foot. It can be as simple as a darning foot but ones made specifically for this task are even better.
  • And of course, the brand must have a good repair service. This can be based on other user experience and should be rated highly.

Sewing machines that are newer models are fitted with a lot of other features: auto needle threaders, auto switches that keeps your machine running without having to step on a pedal or push a lever, machines that are just full of neat specialty settings, even with the ability to make the needle stop either on down or up position when the machine stopped. These are just samples of features when you shop for a sewing machine. It just boils down on your own personal preference on what would be best.

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