A College Student Needs a Good Night’s Sleep!! (Buying a mattress for college)

uponamattressSome college students will not even think about or consider getting a new mattress when heading out to college. Of course, they already have everything else like toiletries, towels, rugs, sheets, lamp a computer and so on. So why even bother to buy a new mattress when dormitories provide them in the first place. Think about these, they are lumpy and super thin and probably have been slept on by a few dozen strangers (at least!) Making sure you have a good mattress can be beneficial for a student in college because getting a good night sleep can bring a lot of advantages for someone who is studying.

First you need to know how you sleep before you buy a mattress. More often than not, you will hear people saying that you should buy a firm mattress because it is much better for your back. But in fact, your mattress should match the way you sleep. If you sleep on your back or facing down, then a firm mattress will give you the support you need for you back to keep you from aching all over when you wake up. However, if you sleep mostly on your side then a much softer mattress if better and it is going to be more comfortable for you.

Memory foams are highly suggested. This is the latest type of mattress out there in the market today and it’s slowly becoming more and more popular as time goes by since its quality is going nowhere but up, and its price is constantly plummeting. It is no surprise that more and more people are saying that they sleep deeper and wake up with much fewer aches and pains in their body after sleeping on a memory foam mattress. Even if memory foam is not the best for you in your dorm, like mentioned earlier, the prices on these great mattresses are starting to go low enough that its only a question of when and not if you are going to buy a memory foam mattress.

Don’t even bother getting a box spring mattress. Most dorms have a box spring mattresses in them in the first place, and they will also come with board foundations that will also be good for a new mattress. There is also a high probability that you will be sleeping in a raised bed or even a bunk bed. Which is not going to work out with a standard sized box spring mattress.

Also, check out foam mattress toppers. If you don’t want to buy a mattress in the first place, then check out some foam mattress toppers. A high-grade memory foam mattress topper can improve the quality of your sleep and will not be as expensive as buying a full mattress.

Try to find a long twin-size mattresses. Most dorms out there will have a extra-long mattress in place to provide accommodation for tall students, this means that bed frames and bases will be extra long as well. If you are about 6 feet or perhaps you just want to have a little bit more room to move while you sleep then keep an eye out for high quality, extra long mattress. Careful not to purchase a baby crib mattress.

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