A College Mother’s Guide to Doing it Right

babytransitIf you are a college student, a mother or even both. You will have a lot of tasks at hand like reviews for some exams, feeding the baby, doing the laundry, buying groceries and a whole lot of stuff in between. Especially if you are a mother going to college where you have to combine both school life and life with your baby. But any good mother will want the best for them and their child but at the same time not sacrificing the efficiency you need to keep up with college life and having the right stroller can provide you that efficiency you desperately need while you juggle your life with your baby, your studies and some time for yourself. So, here are some recommended strollers that you might want to look into:

Knowing that finding a good stroller can be a confusing task, the fact that there is a ton of stats and amenities that many strollers now boast. Even if it is difficult, there are things that you need to put on top of your priorities in choosing that good stroller and they are safety, mobility, comfort and that agreement with your personal lifestyle and especially your budget. You will also have to consider where you want a stroller or you want a baby pram instead.

4moms Origami: This high-tech stroller from 4moms is named the Origami. It automatically folds with a touch of a simple button and highlights a built-in generator that charges the stroller itself and its electronic features and also your cell phone as you walk with your child. With its daytime running lights, even pathway lights for low-light conditions, and the very important sensor that can detect if there’s a baby inside so it will never fold accidentally and this awesome LCD screen on the handlebar that displays the temperature, your walking speed, and distance travelled by the stroller. Very futuristic stroller indeed, for $850 USD

Baby Jogger F.I.T. this is so perfect for easing your way back into that fit body after you have given birth. The Baby Jogger F.I.T. jogging stroller is a no-brainer addition to any mother’s workout equipment. It works well on both everyday walking with the baby and even with intense training or running. Despite it being lightweight, it can carry up to 75 pounds and showcases 16-inch wheels that are good for long strides and even bumps on the road.It comes with a good amount of shade for the baby through a sun canopy and an easy peek window, easy fold feature, and an awesome lifetime warranty. It will surely bring out your old athlete lifestyle back for only $299.99 USD

Babzen Yoyo. This is a super compact stroller, the maker of this stroller proved that by being the world’s first stroller that when its folded, is 100% compliant with the size suggestion for hand carry baggage for airplane passengers. This amazing feature paired up with its four wheel suspension, with the state of the art soft drive system, reclining back rest with tons of color options all yours for $460 USD.

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