A College Mother’s Guide to Doing it Right

babytransitIf you are a college student, a mother or even both. You will have a lot of tasks at hand like reviews for some exams, feeding the baby, doing the laundry, buying groceries and a whole lot of stuff in between. Especially if you are a mother going to college where you have to combine both school life and life with your baby. But any good mother will want the best for them and their child but at the same time not sacrificing the efficiency you need to keep up with college life and having the right stroller can provide you that efficiency you desperately need while you juggle your life with your baby, your studies and some time for yourself. So, here are some recommended strollers that you might want to look into:

Knowing that finding a good stroller can be a confusing task, the fact that there is a ton of stats and amenities that many strollers now boast. Even if it is difficult, there are things that you need to put on top of your priorities in choosing that good stroller and they are safety, mobility, comfort and that agreement with your personal lifestyle and especially your budget. You will also have to consider where you want a stroller or you want a baby pram instead.

4moms Origami: This high-tech stroller from 4moms is named the Origami. It automatically folds with a touch of a simple button and highlights a built-in generator that charges the stroller itself and its electronic features and also your cell phone as you walk with your child. With its daytime running lights, even pathway lights for low-light conditions, and the very important sensor that can detect if there’s a baby inside so it will never fold accidentally and this awesome LCD screen on the handlebar that displays the temperature, your walking speed, and distance travelled by the stroller. Very futuristic stroller indeed, for $850 USD

Baby Jogger F.I.T. this is so perfect for easing your way back into that fit body after you have given birth. The Baby Jogger F.I.T. jogging stroller is a no-brainer addition to any mother’s workout equipment. It works well on both everyday walking with the baby and even with intense training or running. Despite it being lightweight, it can carry up to 75 pounds and showcases 16-inch wheels that are good for long strides and even bumps on the road.It comes with a good amount of shade for the baby through a sun canopy and an easy peek window, easy fold feature, and an awesome lifetime warranty. It will surely bring out your old athlete lifestyle back for only $299.99 USD

Babzen Yoyo. This is a super compact stroller, the maker of this stroller proved that by being the world’s first stroller that when its folded, is 100% compliant with the size suggestion for hand carry baggage for airplane passengers. This amazing feature paired up with its four wheel suspension, with the state of the art soft drive system, reclining back rest with tons of color options all yours for $460 USD.

A College Student Needs a Good Night’s Sleep!! (Buying a mattress for college)

uponamattressSome college students will not even think about or consider getting a new mattress when heading out to college. Of course, they already have everything else like toiletries, towels, rugs, sheets, lamp a computer and so on. So why even bother to buy a new mattress when dormitories provide them in the first place. Think about these, they are lumpy and super thin and probably have been slept on by a few dozen strangers (at least!) Making sure you have a good mattress can be beneficial for a student in college because getting a good night sleep can bring a lot of advantages for someone who is studying.

First you need to know how you sleep before you buy a mattress. More often than not, you will hear people saying that you should buy a firm mattress because it is much better for your back. But in fact, your mattress should match the way you sleep. If you sleep on your back or facing down, then a firm mattress will give you the support you need for you back to keep you from aching all over when you wake up. However, if you sleep mostly on your side then a much softer mattress if better and it is going to be more comfortable for you.

Memory foams are highly suggested. This is the latest type of mattress out there in the market today and it’s slowly becoming more and more popular as time goes by since its quality is going nowhere but up, and its price is constantly plummeting. It is no surprise that more and more people are saying that they sleep deeper and wake up with much fewer aches and pains in their body after sleeping on a memory foam mattress. Even if memory foam is not the best for you in your dorm, like mentioned earlier, the prices on these great mattresses are starting to go low enough that its only a question of when and not if you are going to buy a memory foam mattress.

Don’t even bother getting a box spring mattress. Most dorms have a box spring mattresses in them in the first place, and they will also come with board foundations that will also be good for a new mattress. There is also a high probability that you will be sleeping in a raised bed or even a bunk bed. Which is not going to work out with a standard sized box spring mattress.

Also, check out foam mattress toppers. If you don’t want to buy a mattress in the first place, then check out some foam mattress toppers. A high-grade memory foam mattress topper can improve the quality of your sleep and will not be as expensive as buying a full mattress.

Try to find a long twin-size mattresses. Most dorms out there will have a extra-long mattress in place to provide accommodation for tall students, this means that bed frames and bases will be extra long as well. If you are about 6 feet or perhaps you just want to have a little bit more room to move while you sleep then keep an eye out for high quality, extra long mattress. Careful not to purchase a baby crib mattress.

My Favorite Sewing Machines (and I love to quilt!)

inevitablefear sosewsiteIf you love quilting very much and you can consider it as your passion for a very long time now, you will probably have a lot of people coming at you asking for advise for what would be the best materials, tools and machines to use. As far as sewing machines are concerned, that are used for quilting, there is not just one answer to that question. Because what is best for other people who are into quilting will probably might not be the best for your own taste and style.

What features do you think are required to tag a machine as a great sewing machine for quilting? Here are some information you might want to consider:

One of the best sewing machines out there, most think, must have a knee lift. Usually the brand that is highly considered has been Bernina, but other brands also offer different handy features. A knee lift will allow you to raise the presser foot mechanism by just simply raising your knee against a lever, keeping your hands on the material that you are working on. I have seen experts use this type of machine and just by watching it and doing it yourself for a period of time, even if you are not a seasoned seamstress, you will start to become accustomed to it.

These are the qualities of a good sewing machine that you can use for quilting.

  • It must have the ability to sew a precise seam allowance, this can be done with a special presser foot as an easy guide or by adjusting the position of the foot itself.
  • The machine must have a feature where you can regulate the speed. This allows you to work on the pace best suited for your project. You should have the option of going slow if you are doing super detailed work and can go much faster if accuracy is not a problem.
  • A “free arm” machine that must include an extension table. That fits exactly and flush with the arm to create a much spacious sewing surface.
  • Must have an easy to use bobbin winder.
  • Any good sewing machine must have a reliable and hassle free tension settings, this makes it easy to switch among sewing settings of the machine. From quilting, appliqué and to all sorts of different types of tasks.
  • A machine that is easily compatible with a walking foot and a free motion quilting foot. It can be as simple as a darning foot but ones made specifically for this task are even better.
  • And of course, the brand must have a good repair service. This can be based on other user experience and should be rated highly.

Sewing machines that are newer models are fitted with a lot of other features: auto needle threaders, auto switches that keeps your machine running without having to step on a pedal or push a lever, machines that are just full of neat specialty settings, even with the ability to make the needle stop either on down or up position when the machine stopped. These are just samples of features when you shop for a sewing machine. It just boils down on your own personal preference on what would be best.

Why It was Worth It to Buy a Portable Air Conditioner

airconditionerlabIf it is summer and you just can’t stand the heat, you might want to consider getting a portable air conditioner. PAC’s or spot cooler as some people call it have been in the mark for quite some time now. But as of late, their popularity really went up because of their flexibility, energy efficiency and convenience. And if those are not enough reasons to get one, here are more.

They are cheap – with everything else considered, portable air conditioners are much cheaper and more affordable than the conventional window type air conditioners. Of course, in comparison, higher end portable air conditioners will cost more than cheaper window type air conditioners units.

Little to no installation needed – you don’t need the help of an expert technician or even as much as sweat when setting up portable air conditioners. You just need to look for an exit for the exhaust and then you are done, turn it on and enjoy cool air.

As it says on the box, its Portable and Convenient – all thanks to its built in canisters, you can move your air conditioner from room to room or wherever you need some cool air. Majority of the units out there are very lightweight and so easy to carry.

It is Green and Energy efficient – in comparison to a centralized air conditioner setup that cools the whole house, a portable air conditioner is so much more energy efficient. Because a portable air conditioner is obviously much smaller and will sustain a much lower cost as per operating it. and since it is portable, you can use your portable air conditioner to concentrate on specific areas that needs cooling which is truly efficient.

There are also Bonus Features – this devices works double time, not only it cools an area but it also dehumidifies the air. If you are someone that regularly suffers allergies, it is very crucial to keep humidity in your room very low – because with high humidity in the area, it promotes the development of allergens in the air in forms of mold and dust mites. Some specialty portable air conditioners come with a feature specifically to “dehumidify only”. That feature will only remove moisture from the air but not cooling it. also other portable air conditioners have built in, heavy duty and high efficiency air filters to filter the air and some even have heaters built in as well. This gives the machine good functionality and usability all year, no matter what the weather is.

For example, the Soleus Air PA1-12R-32 is a good sample that I can work as a portable air conditioner, a heater, a humidifier, an air purifier or just  a simple fan.

There are lots of different portable air conditioners out there that you can choose from. One thing to consider is your budget, the place where you live, what exactly are you going to use it for; is it just for cooling, heating, dehumidifying, air cleaning, just 2 features or all of the above. You can always coordinate with your local store and their experts to get the best advice on what unit to purchase.

Walking Around Campus — Your Shoes Matter!

bestwalkingfeetHaving a good pair of shoes in college can’t cause anything but good for you as a student because it is one of those things that you will probably have to use every single day for a different bunch of tasks like if you are bored and want to jog a bit, walking around campus for no reason or if you are coming from one class to another and had to walk to the next building that is a bit far, and with any regular pair of shoes it can be difficult. And in worst case scenarios it could be painful. So again, having a good pair of shoes for daily use is a good thing.

So here are some good shoes out there that you might want to consider.

New Balance 860 is best for fast walking around campus. Because this shoe has a super flexible toe, that feature is what makes it easy to walk on and pick up the pace. But with its ankle padding, it will keep your foot snugly in place no matter how fast you walk or even run. Also with its mesh upper lined to make sure you have protection against the cold wind. New Balance 940v2 is also a good shoe for walking.

Brooks Trance 10 is recommended for runners who train running intervals. If you are a walker and want to add some bursts of sprints in your exercise then this is the shoe for you. It is specifically designed for high intensity impacts on the shoe but despite that, it is still flexible for casual rolling motion of walking around the campus. Lots of users of this shoe are saying that it is comfortable at any pace or speed. It has a price tag of $140

Ahnu Rockridge II is one shoe made for those walker slash hiker types. This lightweight hiking shoes perform as good as those bulkier high top versions in the market today. User say that they are much more flexible and comfortable. The sole, which are rugged, easily grips on most terrain as you go up and down the hills. But yet again it is bendable enough that you can fluidly stride through on smooth, level terrain. Additionally, the steel toe boots will protect you from stuff that will fall on your foot like rocks, bumps and even roots off trees while trekking.

Saucony Bullet also dubbed as the errand shoe that are stylish and at the same time, lightweight. It has enough arch on its sole to keep you comfortable through and through even if you are on the run most of the time. User say these are great day for shopping or for just about anything you will do on a daily basis. These are priced for only $60 and is worth every penny.

Rebook DMX Max ReeDirect are recommended for overweight walkers because the air pockets on the sole area of this shoe will reduce ground impact between your foot and the ground and will reduce the risk of any injury. Don’t worry, even if you are slimmer, you will still enjoy using these shoes and its extra support and cushioning that works wonders during long walks. Priced at $70.

There are a lot of great and comfortable footwear in the market.

A Class Inspired Me to try the GM diet – and I did Better on my Midterms!

GM DietWhen you are in college and feeling like you are out of shape, you might ask yourself what can you do about it? If you start feeling bloated all the time and you are not as efficient or as effective as before when you are still fit, then you definitely need to do something about it. There are a lot of things at stake and it might be the key between passing or failing an exam like prelims or midterms. Here is a popular diet that can probably help you with your shape and also with your studies.

The GM diet was developed by none other than the company General Motors. Mainly to help a person to lose weight in a short span of time, over a span of only for a few days. But this diet is not clean cut for everyone. You have to have your own specific regimen that fits your body type, either for weight loss or weight gain. No matter what you are trying to achieve, this diet will help your body to get the essential nutrients and proteins otherwise you will suffer unhealthiness. Even with these kinds of diets around, many people tend to do drastic measures to lose weight like keeping an empty stomach, skipping meals to lose weight. Dieting properly is a great way to lose those undesired extra pounds and at the same time will help you stay fit and active. But if dieting is done wrong, it can lead to different kinds of disorders. Diets such as the Atkins diet, south beach diet etc. but one diet plan, which is the GM diet made by GM corporation will help you lose 10-15 pounds in just seven days.

Well just like any other diets out there, it has a good side and a bad side.

  • It has been proven that it can help you lose 3 to 5 kilos in a week. Unlike other diets that it will take you 2 week to even 3 months to achieve, you get to see results in just seven days with the GM diet.
  • It will push your body to develop a much better digestive system – since the GM diet will have you eat only fruits and vegetables in the first 3 days, this will cause your digestive system will perform better.
  • This diet will give you more energy – this generates more energy and less fat in your body.
  • The GM diet can help you manage your weight whenever it is needed.
  • With little to no effort, it can help you get back in proper shape in just seven days.

There are also drawbacks:

  • Headaches can occur in the first two days after starting this diet.
  • Some cases show hair fall and dry skin.
  • Not recommended for pregnant women.
  • Also women who are within the menstrual period are not advised to try this diet.

However the first two side effects can be eased by drinking 8-10 glasses of water every day because this will help your body rehydrate thus easing headaches, dry skin and hair fall.